Hiring Jesslyn is one of the best business decisions I have made. Hiring her has saved me an incredible amount of time. For example - we had a high rate of vacancies in the past year and to make matters worse, it was the units that needed remodeling. While I did the remodeling, Jesslyn managed the tenants. I don't know how I would have gotten through that hectic time without her. I always hesitated hiring a Property Manager because of their fee, but after hiring Jesslyn, I quickly realized the benefits. As tenants moved out, she raised rents up to market value which off-set her fee and she also does a better job of screening than I do. Maybe the nicest aspect of hiring Jesslyn is how quiet my phone is now.

Lofing Real Estate Investments, LLC

In short, my success in real estate is owed to Jesslyn!  Soon after buying my first few properties I quickly realized that I needed help.  The management side of finding the right tenants and the daily oversight was something I was struggling with.  It was so bad that even though I was making a slight profit I was planning to get out of the business.  Then I met Jesslyn and I quickly realized the value of a top notch property manager.  She quickly turned my properties around! Used her awesome network of service providers and expertise to get the needed maintenance done quickly and much much cheaper than I could find and then placed great tenants. Fast forward 6 years and I've used several property manager in several different states as my investments have grown, but none compare to Jesslyn, she is the standard I judge all by when it comes to Property Management.  I would have been out of this business long ago if not for her!

Kurt Kaiser - K3B Investments, LLC

My husband and I have had rental properties for over
four decades. We have always managed them ourselves. We did all the
maintenance, painting, repairs and new tenant exchanges. We have always ran
our business with trust, a hand shake and a prayer. There are many good people
in this world and we have been fortunate to have run our business that way for a
long time. I had always said if that changes, we would get out of the rental
business. Things are changing. We were finding it necessary to do major repairs
when tenants moved out, uncollectable rents, evictions, credit checks, references,
deposits, leases and etc. We were considering selling all our rental properties
until we found Jesslyn, a real estate manager. A coworker had given me her
name and she had heard many good things about her services. I called her one
evening in a desperation effort to keep our real estate operational. I was greeted
with a very calm, professional and knowledgeable person who was willing to help.
That was almost two years ago. Jesslyn completely took over all five of our
rentals. She planned and organized all of the remodels of the five properties to
get optimal rent. She is “as little” or “as much” involved as you want her to be.
She is very helpful and current with her new ideas and suggestions. Our
properties are now bringing in triple the amount in monthly rental payments of
what we once earned. If we have any questions, all we do is send her a text. She
generally responds immediately or at very latest, within an hour or two (day or
night). Our lives have become so much happier with a lot less work and less
stress. Jesslyn handles it all. We feel very blessed to have found her.

Roxie Adams