Owner/Managing Broker

Growing up in a family of investors, it is easy to say I was born into real estate. I would have never thought my passion would be in property management. However, I found a joy in helping tenants have a good renting experience, and helping investors learn and succeed in investing in real estate. Although my job is a huge part of my life and consumes much of my time, I have learned that I absolutely love being self-employed and helping other entrepreneurs grow and be successful.

Everything I know about rental investments I've learned from my dad and firsthand experience. I started in real estate by solely managing my family’s 30+ rentals in 2011 when I decided to get my Real Estate salesperson license. From there I was not sure which direction I wanted to take my career. I sold real estate for a year when an investor approached me about property managing his investment property. I learned I really didn't enjoy just selling real estate to random clients, but I wasn't too far off from my true passion of working specifically with investors and doing property management.
I then exclusively stated working with investors and doing property management in 2012. I acquired my real estate broker's license in June of 2015. I opened Ally Property Management and Real Estate in February of 2019 after solely managing over 180 rentals and seeing such a demand for the service in our community. I saw that I needed to open my own property management company and create a team so that we could grow to help even more investors. As an investor myself, I train all my agents to treat the rentals managed through Ally Property Management & Real Estate with the investor mindset of making the rental work for the owner, not the rental making the owner work. 

You will often catch me listening to business and personal development podcasts and audiobooks as I love continuing to learn. To get away from my constantly busy life I enjoy traveling; my favorite is seeing the many different tropical areas of the country. I also enjoy yoga and running as my stress relief, I participate in several local 5K's, 10K's, and half-marathons.

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I am a Scottsbluff native born and raised with most of my family living within 4 hours of the Panhandle.  I love this community and small-town way of life. I have been very fortunate to have been able to call the panhandle my home. 

I am lucky enough to have started into business at Ally with someone that I have had the pleasure of calling my friend my whole life.  I acquired my real estate license in August 2019.  Before getting my Real Estate license I was processing mortgage loans at a local bank. I have knowledge in multiple aspects of the mortgage process and enjoy being able to use this past knowledge to help new homeowners feel more comfortable with the buying process and help assist both buyers and sellers in making the experience as a whole as smooth as possible.

In my spare time I like to cheer on the Huskers, cross stitch and participate in race events.  I have done multiple 5ks and have done half marathons in 3 different states so far.  I am also a member of a community choir and get to share that other passion in my life with people every spring.

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I am a native to the Panhandle area and was raised in the little town of Morrill, located about 20 miles from Scottsbluff. After graduating I went on to pursue obtaining my bachelor’s in business administration and am on track to graduate in 2022.

The question I got asked most often is, “What are your plans after you get your degree?” And this was such a hard question to give a simple answer to because the possibilities were limitless. Being the general manager at a local restaurant and bar for over 5 years, I have much prior experience in management and human resources, and these are skills that I feel come naturally to me as well. I have a passion for working with others and trying to help them reach their goals. The opportunity to work at Ally Property Management and Real Estate came out of the blue, as I had never really considered being a Real Estate Agent as a future career option for myself. However, after meeting with Jesslyn I discovered that Property Management is the perfect mix of what I love to do; management and human resources! I completed my Nebraska Real Estate licensing exams in August 2021.

In my free time I have many things that I enjoy keeping me busy. Traveling with my family is top of the list! We love camping, hiking, and all other outdoor activities one could pretty much think of, I also enjoy gardening and reading as well.