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Thank you for your interest in Ally Property Management and Real Estate. We are a professional locally owned and managed property management and real estate sales company located in Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska. Our portfolio is continuously growing and includes apartments, townhomes, duplexes, fourplexes, single family homes, and office space. Our goal at Ally Property Management and Real Estate is simple- to make your property work for you. We accomplish this by providing professional full-service property management, allowing you to focus on other business and your own personal ventures. Owners may be as involved, or not, as much as they’d like in our property management process. Each management experience is tailored to what you are wanting in your property management service.

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  • Tenant Screening

  • Property Marketing

  •  Leasing Agreements

  •  Rent Collection with Online Payments

  • Tenant Management

  • Maintenance Arrangement

  • Evictions Management

  •  Accounting Services: Direct Deposit, Monthly Statements & Year-End Statements

  • Online Tenant Portal

  • Move-Out Inspections

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Technology Advantages

Background and Credit Checks:

All prospective tenants over the age of 18 are required to complete a background and credit check at their expense. Screenings can be completed within minutes enabling us to place the highest quality tenants quickly.

Virtual Tours rent properties fast:

Pre-recorded virtual tours allow for easier and faster showings, especially for those who are looking to move to our area and currently live in a different town or state. 

Online lease signings streamline the process:

Our online lease signing process allows for tenants to review an entire lease, almost word-for-word virtually with an agent to feel comfortable and not rushed before signing. 

Collect rent faster and more consistently with online payments:

Modern tenants expect easy, online payment options. Our property management software gives tenants three easy ways to pay (e-check, automatic bank draft, or with credit card). Any credit card fees associated are charged to tenants. Our tenants love being able to set up automatic payments so they never have to worry about forgetting to pay rent.

Handle property maintenance issues faster:
Our 24/7 maintenance call center will help tenant's troubleshoot the problem and will dispatch the appropriate handyperson. 

Organizing and Automation Technology helps get the job done in less time with fewer mistakes:

We utilize software that has been specifically created and tailored to our processes and procedures. With automations that help us stay organized, have timely communications and stay on top of all the daily and non daily tasks pertaining to your property. 

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Hiring a professional property management company will ensure your property keeps on delivering without you having to spend all your time managing your investment.


You get what you see with us, we don't hide our fees


10% of Gross Property Income
Onetime New Owner Set Up Fee $50-$150
Yearly Technology Fee $25 per unit, maximum $250 per year per entity 

  • Rental Advertising & Showings

  • Tenant Screening

  • Move-In/Out Inspections

  • Utility Transfers

  • Deposit Collection

  • Rent Collection

  • 24/7 Emergency Response

  • Tenant Management

  • Posting of Legal Notices

  • Oversee Evictions

  • Direct Deposit & Monthly Statements

  • Online Tenant Portal with ePayment

  • No tenant placement fee

  • All Investor Adviser Service fees waived

  • and all the in-between


100% of one month's rent

  • Rental Advertising

  • Tenant Screening

  • Showings

  • Deposit Collection

  • Lease Signing
    (No further services beyond helping owner obtain a signed lease agreement)

Property Management Services: Price List


3% of Invoiced Repair Amount

We have experience with most large insurance companies and can generally help you get through the entire insurance claim process. We will gather estimates, arrange, and oversee repairs having to do with insurance claims on your rental properties.


$50 - $150

$50 for owners with 1-4 properties 
$75 for 5-10 properties
$125 for 11-15 properties
$150 for 15+ properties

This fee is to cover the costs associated with data input of new owner and properties into our property management software programs, notices to your tenants of the change and other administration fees associated with startup. This fee will be collected out of first months collected rents for full service management clients.


$25 per unit, Maximum $250 per year per entity

This technology fee helps cover the software program costs that allow your tenants to pay rent online, take credit cards payments, direct deposit of your rent checks to your account, and give you more detailed statements for your property(s).

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Property Management Services: Testimonials

Hiring Jesslyn is one of the best business decisions I have made. Hiring her has saved me an incredible amount of time. For example - we had a high rate of vacancies in the past year and to make matters worse, it was the units that needed remodeling. While I did the remodeling, Jesslyn managed the tenants. I don't know how I would have gotten through that hectic time without her. I always hesitated hiring a Property Manager because of their fee, but after hiring Jesslyn, I quickly realized the benefits. As tenants moved out, she raised rents up to market value which off-set her fee and she also does a better job of screening than I do. Maybe the nicest aspect of hiring Jesslyn is how quiet my phone is now.

Lofing Real Estate Investments, LLC

Sign the Lease


This is why we specialize in property management.

You'll notice that at Ally Property Management & Real Estate we're different than other Realtors. We enjoy helping investors grow their portfolio's, helping and teaching them about investing and helping all parties have a good landlord, tenant renting relationship. We cherish the relationships and friendships that we get to create with our tenants and landlords that extend beyond just a sale.

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If your lease isn’t clear in laying out expectations and up to date with current laws, you experience problems

Ally Property Management and Real Estate does away with these problems with a solid lease agreement. Our lease was drafted diligently between our company owner and a local attorney, together putting years of experience into the agreement. It is a foolproof agreement designed to prevent problems before they can ever arise.

When finding potential tenants for your home, we require that an application be filled out by all applicants over the age of 18. Our screening process complies with Fair Housing regulations and all prospective tenants must meet your rental criteria. We go over leases almost word-for-word with tenants to clearly explain all the lease requirements and terms with each tenant to verify that your tenant understands all their obligations.

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Finding The Perfect Tenant

Finding and keeping the right tenants for your property is the most important step in renting your property and generating a positive cashflow. We take care in helping find you the perfect tenant.

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Emergencies are an unexpected crisis. But we are always prepared, even for the unforeseen.

We want to place tenants who understand and appreciate the required care needed to maintain your property. We also assist new tenants with any questions or concerns they have. While showing rentals, including in our virtual tour videos, we carefully highlight issues or problems that could arise with the property to help prevent unnecessary maintenance calls. 

We're constantly educating ourselves and asking contractors questions to learn how to prevent repairs and trouble shoot repairs with tenants before having to hire maintenance. We know trusted handymen, electricians, plumbers, and HVAC specialists that work quickly to keep tenants happy and properties in good maintenance. We know cleaning crews and carpet cleaners to have properties quickly ready for any turn overs.

If you have someone you already prefer to use, great! We’re happy to make all repair arrangements through whomever you prefer.

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Our first round of protection lies in preventing bad tenants from renting your properties in the first place. We accomplish this with a screening process designed to weed out problem renters before they ever get to you. Even though we always try to place trustworthy tenants, sometimes tenants need to be evicted.

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At Ally Property Management & Real Estate we have the time and resources to try and work with renters before things escalate. We first work to keep communication and resolve issues quickly and professionally. This ensures you not only keep your existing renters but also keep the property profitable. 

If an eviction is unavoidable, we help start the eviction process and work with your preferred local attorney. We understand the legal process and nuances of evicting properly. Representing your interests in court, should the need arise, and ensuring both you and your property are protected. We will also submit the proper information to a collection agency.


Once the eviction is over, we find, vet, and place new tenants in your property with a solid lease agreement. Before we place a new tenant, we will help arrange needed repairs to restore your property to showable condition, prepare it for the next round of tenants, and then place carefully screened tenants in it. Working quickly and efficiently to obtain best cash flow.

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Keys To The New Place

Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

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